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            The Philippine Centennial Celebration - The Philippine Centennial Homepage

            DLSU Centennial Webpage - Philippine Centennial Website by De La Salle University

            Bonifacio Primer - A simple website attribute to Bonifacio by Bakbakan International

            Philippine Centennial Site - 100 years of the Philippines.

            The Philippine Daily Inquirer - One of the country's leading newspaper

            Philippine Centennial Expo '98 - Philippine Centennial Expo '98 Corp. in celebration of
                                                                   the 100th year of independence to be staged inside the
                                                                   Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Pampanga from
                                                                   December 1997 up to August 1998.
            History of the Philippines - Spanish Rule, Jose Rizal, Manuel Quezon, Aguinaldo, Bonifacio,
                                                            US, Japan, People's Power, Marcos, Aquino, and more!


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