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        Our collective vision as a people is a renewed pride in our race. It is a vision that sees the
    Filipino as an active participant in the overall renewal and transformation of a nation.

        For this vision to be fully achieved, the Government created the National Centennial
    Commission (NCC) through Executive Order 128 to work out the details of the Centennial.
    Its mission is the achievement of national unity and rekindling of Filipinism--the emerging
    ideology that recaptures the Filipino spirit. It is the spirit that motivates the Filipino to be
    proud of who he is and to participate in the accomplishment of our nationhood. It inspires
    every one of us to have an enlightened awareness of our past, an active commitment to our
    present and a clear vision for the future.

        Briefly, the Centennial's aims are:

     To revive love of country and appreciation of the true Filipino identity
     To relearn the values of our historical struggle and use them for future development
     To enhance participation and promote values essential for nation building
     To inculcate in Filipinos love of nation that will transcend love for oneself, and
     To propel Filipinos to work for the overall well-being and welfare of the nation.