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Bonifacio's Married Life

        There were two important women in Bonifacio’s life. His 
    first wife – a neighbor from Palomar named Monica – died 
    of leprosy. He met his second wife when he was a 29-year 
    old widower. Her name was Gregoria de Jesus

        Gregoria was a beautiful girl of 18 from Kalookan. Like 
    Andres, she was the oldest child and a bright student who 
    stopped studying to take care of her family. Gregoria looked 
    after her younger sister and the family farm. On Sunday mornings 
    she paid the workers. At home she sewed and wove cloth on 
    the loom or helped her mother work around the house. 

      Gregoria de Jesus

        Andres and Gregoria were married twice. Their first wedding was held in Binondo
    Church in March 1894. They were married again a week later in a house in Sta. Cruz.
    The ceremony was attended by members of the Katipunan. That evening Gregoria de Jesus
    became a member of the women’s chapter of the Katipunan. Her code name was "Lakangbini"
    (Goddess or Muse).

        Andres and Gregoria had a baby boy. They named him Andres and he was their only child.
    On Holy Week of 1896, a fire destroyed their nipa-roofed house in Sta. Cruz. Homeless, the
    couple and their baby were forced to live in one house after another. The loss of their home was
    followed by an even greater loss, when young Andres died of smallpox.