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Facts about the Katipunan

        The name Katipunan shows how Bonifacio was influenced by Rizal. Instead of using
    the old Spanish spelling of the letter "c," Bonifacio used the Tagalog spelling of "k." Rizal
    had suggested the change in an article published two years earlier in the newspaper La
    Solidaridad. The "k," pronouched ka, was based on the ancient Tagalog script (I). Since
    the Katipunan was an underground society, its members used secret codes and passwords
    to communicate with each other.

        Three Aims of the Katipunan:

     It wanted to free the Philippines from Spain, by force of arms if necessary. Its
                    members, called Katipuneros, were taught to make and use weapons.

     The Katipunan saw all men, rich or poor, as equals.

     The Katipuneros were taught to care for one another in times of sickness and need.
                    The society took care of its sick. If a member died, the Katipunan helped to pay
                    the cost of a simple funeral.
        The people who joined the Katipunan came mostly from 
    the poor working class, although some members, such as 
    Dr. Pio Valenzuela and Mariano Alvarez, belonged to the
    middle class. The membership of the Katipunan grew to 
    the thousands. 

     Dr. Pio Valenzuela