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How the Katipunan was Discovered

        On August 19, 1896, the Katipunan was found out. Father Mariano 
    Gil, the Augustinian parish priest of Tondo, learned about it from 
    Teodoro Patino, an unhappy member of the Katipunan. The Spanish 
    police moved quickly to stop the revolution. Many Filipinos were 
    arrested, jailed, and shot. Andres and Gregoria went into hiding. 

        The Katipunan was discovered before the rebels were ready for 
    a fully armed struggle. But Bonifacio knew that the die had been cast. 
    There was no turning back. The time had come for the Filipino people
    to engage the enemy in battle. 

        Bonifacio met with other Katipunan leaders in a place called 
    Pugadlawin, on August 23, 1896.  They tore up their cedulas 
    (residence tax papers) and cried "Long Live the Philippines!" They 
    vowed to fight the Spaniards down to the last man. 

    Fr. Mariano Gil