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Battles fought by the KKK

        On August 30, Andres Bonifacio and his best friend, Emilio 
    Jacinto, fought the first battle of the Philippine Revolution. 
    Leading an army of eight hundred men, they attacked a 
    gunpowder storehouse in San Juan del Monte (now San Juan,
    Metro Manila).  Today the place is called Pinaglabanan,
    meaning battlefield. The storehouse was an important military 
    post for the Spanish army, but it was defended by only a 
    hundred men. Outnumbered, the Spaniards retreated to El 
    Deposito, the place where the Spaniards stored the water 
    supply for the city of Intramuros. 

        Encouraged by the Spaniards’ retreat, Bonifacio and his 
    rebels advanced towards Manila. They were met by an army 

           Emilio Jacinto

    of soldiers sent by Ramon Blanco, the Spanish governor-general. Bonifacio’s men were
    driven back to Mandaluyong by the  Spaniards. More than a hundred-fifty Katipuneros
    died. Another two hundred were captured. Some of them were shot at Bagumbayan
    Field, which is today called Luneta Park. 
        In the area of Manila, the battle of Pinaglabanan and fighting in 
    Kalookan sparked other small battles north and south of the 
    Pasig River, in places such as Marikina, San Mateo, Pasig, 
    Pateros and Taguig. That same day Governor-General Blanco 
    declared a state of war in eight provinces: Manila, Batangas, 
    Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Tarlac
    The Spanish government did not want the revolt to spread to 
    other provinces. It was determined to punish the rebels and all 
    who helped them. 

Gov. Gen Ramon Blanco