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The Tejeros Convention

      The Tejeros convention which 
   was held on March 22, 1897 
   only worsened the rivalry bet-
   ween the two faction of the 
   Katipunan. The aim of the 
   convention was to 
   form a central revolutionary
   government that would unite 
   the two councils. An election 
   of officers was held in Tejeros. 
   Although he was away fighting 
   the Spaniards in Dasmarinas, 
   Cavite, Emilio Aguinaldo was 
   elected president of the new  

                      The Estate-House of Tejeros

    revolutionary government.  Bonifacio was nominated for the position of director of the
    interior, but Daniel Tirona of Kawit stood up and questioned his ability to hold that job.
        Tirona said that the position
    needed someone with a law 

        Bonifacio took Tirona’s 
    words as an insult. He 
    declared that, as the 
    leader of the Katipunan, 
    all the acts of the Tejeros 
    convention were unlawful
    Hurt and angry, he left with 
    his wife, his two brothers, 
    and some trusted 

                          Bonifacio furious at Tirona

        A day later Emilio Aguinaldo became president of the new revolutionary government.
    He was sworn into office along with other elected officials, most of whom were Cavitenos.
    Bonifacio was not present.