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Bonifacio's Execution

        On the early morning of May 10, 1897, a group of soldiers led by 
    General Lazaro Makapagal brought Andres and Procopio from the 
    Maragondon jail. This was the order of General Mariano Noriel
    president of the council of war that tried the Bonifacio brothers. 
    Makapagal had been handed a sealed letter, with strict orders to 
    read It after reaching Mt. Nagpatong in the Maragondon mountains.
    Only four soldiers were selected by the general to accompany him 
    on this mission. 

        When the soldiers and their two prisoners reached Mt. Nagpatong
    Makapagal opened the sealed letter. It was an order from General 
    Noriel to execute Andres and Procopio. Makapagal immediately 
    carried out the generalís command and the Bonifacio brothers were 
    shot. Using their bayonets and bolos (long knives), the soldiers dug 
    a shallow grave for the two men. After covering the bodies with twigs 
    and weeds, they hurriedly left to escape the Spanish troops who 
    were combing the mountains of Maragondon. 

 Gen. Lazaro Makapagal

         The Bonifacio brothers were killed on Monday, May 10, 1897. Andres was only 34
    years old.

        Some twenty years passed. On March 17, 1918, Lazaro Makapagal came back to Cavite.
    He was accompanied by a group of government officials, two former Cavite generals, and former
    soldiers of the Philippine Revolution. They went to a lonely spot on a sugarcane field in the
    Maragondon mountains to find Andres Bonifacioís grave. The place had changed a lot. An old
    and loyal servant of Bonifacio showed them the way and identified his masterís remains.

        Bonifacioís bones were placed in an urn and kept in the Legislative Building (now the National
    Museum). Bonifacioís papers and personal belongings, including his revolver and bolo, were
    also kept here. In February 1945, during the battle to free Manila from the Japanese, the building
    and the remains of Andres Bonifacio were destroyed in a fire.