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   R o b o 

    Level    ** 
    HP       999/999        MP         99/99 
    Attack  215               Defense  221 

    Terra Arm                 Pwr        **           Spd       ** 
    Prism Helm               Hit          48           Evd       36 
    Nova  Armor            Mag        53          Stam     ** 
    Gold Stud                 M. Def.                              ** 

    Exp                                                        1,769,571 
    Next                                                                     0 

         Robo is a friendly robot from the future with the ability to feel like human 
    thanks to Lucca.  He is Lucca's best companion and he  carries  an  arsenal 
    of high tech weapons  including  lasers,  area  bombs, and  rocket  punches. 
    Though ultra slow at first, he will be a  meanm  lean  fighting  machine  once 
    set his speed controls to ultra fast. 

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