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Greetings and Plugs!

Good Luck
To: All Catch '98
CCS Week will be coming soon this November.  Try to join in the preparation for the festivities and participate in our huling hirit.  Make your

S-18 block members are planning to have a christmas party in the absence of our batch christmas party.
Any Catch 98 peeps can join the fun
I'll be posting more announcements if committee members are already finalized

Merry Christmas
Advance Merry Christmas to all Catch 98 peeps out there
Even though its still far away.. three months for a computer science student goes by so quickly.  Don't forget to have fun this term

To: Leinil Francis Yu
Congrats to my former classmate Leinil for being the lead artist in a MARVEL Comic book.
Catch him in Wolverine # 113... Galing mo pare.....!!!

Summer Vacation
Happy Happy Summer Vacation to All!!
Be merry and have fun under the sun.. as we try to make the most of what little time we have for summer

Good Luck!
Good Luck to all Catch 98' peeps taking up OJT and Immersion this summer
Try to have fun and not be stressed out... After all they didn't call us the best batch for nothing

Study Hard!
To all Catch 98 batchmates: Good Luck sa mga thesis nyo...
You can do it..... just believe in yourself and in what you can do... GOOD LUCK... GOD BLESS

Note: Since I made this site mail4 and lynx friendly.... walang pictures... sorry na lang girls =(.....
Ma... Pa... Sikat na akoh!!!!

Hi to my pals namely... (Note: Click for Fan mail)

At sa aming mga inspirasyon na di namin malilimutan (mwah):  

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