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Memories of my Class

Noel Aguilar

When asked for a memory that was truly the best
I would say my high school life and not anything less
Because in high school, I was among true friends
Sharing the same feelings, sharing the same trends

In one room, all of us were boys
Studying together, making the same kind of noise
Close to each other, that's how we were
Ready to lend a helping hand, because we care

In gimmicks and happenings, all of us were one
No wonder we were happy, we always had a lot of fun
Though sometimes we tought that we were being despised
By learning and changing, we managed to get our foes to us very Nice

During our breaks, we had one place where all of us would stay
Eating different kinds of food, coming from different ways
There, some of us would begin to tease one another
Looking, speaking, smelling, and feeling each other like a brother

We liked girls, that's very natural to say
But some of us seemed to be with them every time of the day
For anyone who asked "What kind of class we are?"
We're the 4-A boys, A class of hunks and a class of stars

What about studies? we can never be last
We have brains like great minds of the past
And no matter what kind of sport we play
Champions we would emerge, any time of the day

Even if at night, the stars are already up
Some of us were still together, having fun without any stop
For tomorrow to us seemed another distant day
Another day for learning, and another day for play

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