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Hello =)... Please be advised that some of the materials here are rated K as in "kakapalan nang Mukha"..... Barkada guidance is highly advised..

Mga Gusto ninyong Malaman:

Full Name: Noel Aguilar
Nickname: MasterNoel, Colossus, Skydive (mas mahaba pa no??)
Birthday: more or less 16 years ago...
Address: Bahay sa Metro manila
School: DLSU ( Di Lumampas Sa UPCAT.... , Dlsu Laging talo Sa Ust)
Ambition: Movie Star, Sayangtist
Movies: Movie Idols: Myself
TV Program: Songs: Sports: Food: See Foods (ngek!)
Pals: Color: ROYGIBV( with emphasis on the Blue)
Dance: Motto: saka na...


Something Personal:

Describe Yourself: Yoko baka bumagyo ulit eh... pero tall, big, witty, dashing, debonaire, at highly shy type daw ako.... hehe
Define Love: Love can be a deceptive relative thing or the most powerful true one...
Define Crush:

     When something has been deformed...
     Plain Admiration
     Love at first sight (ito yung crush).... comments...??? mail me...

Status: Single at Inosente pa rin hangang ngayon...... daw!
What attracts you to a girl?

    Fun to be with
    Kind attitude
    Intellect (pero yoko nang sobra sa kin)
    Simpleng Ganda (I think you know what I mean)
    Send your applications to

Do you date? Only in Calendars [ wawa naman ako =( ]
Unforgattable date and Place: My Birthdays--- kung saan sang lupalop nang daigdig
Your theme Song: theme song ko...."mahirap maging shy - type (pogi) na lang".. hehe
Happy Moments:

    with Pals like you =)
    When I talk to my Crush (kilig)
    Chatting.. yahoo(pwera lang kung lag)

Lonely Moments: opposite of happy moments
Embarassing Moments: Plenty.. almost everyday.
What are your future plans:

    To own a big conglomerate business..
    To help my unfortunate brothers in sisters..
    To be happy..
    To discover ****

Your Greatest Dream: To Become a Demi-God

I got this from a slumbook =) ........... Secret lang ito ha ??
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