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Mga Quotes ng mga Masasayang Tao!!!

    Konti Lang....  (MasterNoel)
    Kapag nakita ka.... Ako'y Natutuwa....  (Reggie R.)
   Fast Effect... Done  (Ric)
    Class!  For me, Everyday is Christmas day.  (Sir Ona)
    UUwi na ako nang Iloilo  (Warren)
    Xerox muna natin yan   (Warren)
    Pare... In Love na naman ako...  (Ian P.)
    Papaka Nerd muna ako  (Reggie R.)
    Charlie Formation  (A.H.)
    "Swoooooooooooosh"  (Espie D. Doy)
    Alam nyo ba..?? One day.....  (Alain C.)
    Pain? Pain is like love.. like compassion, it is only a thing for lesser men... What is pain to Me.  (MasterNoel)
    "O boys, labas na kayo nang 1.50... Mainit - init pa ito" ( Sir Lopez)
    Hey You! Yes YU! Get Out!!!!  (Sir Del Rosario)
    Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! TAk! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!  (Sir Lopez)
    Sir!.. Anong problema??  (Addressed to Sir Epee)
    "Si Capitan Basa"  (Bato)
    "Aaayyyyyyyyyy"  (Anonymous)
    "One Sir! Two Sir! Threeee siiiir!, Hindi na namin kayaaaaaaah!"  (Alpha Pogi Company)
    "Okie lang yun!"  (Rolando K.)
    Through the darkest deserts, through the deepest snow... forward always forward I go...  (Lea Salonganisa w/ Batch
    "I have this feeling inside me that I've always tried to hide"  (Ian P.)
    Pakiset nga yan sa sikisti tree  (Totoy "LA Miranda")
    "Why do you keep touching me??"  (Warcraft Human)
    A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle  (Adapted by MasterNoel)
    "Holy Dogie!, Saintly Horsie!, It's very funny tee hee hee hee"  (M.E.V.)
    "Pasensya na, kung ako'y di nag sasalita....."  (Ian P.)
    Kameha-meha  (Son Goku)
    hinek cha  (Picollo)
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