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      Message From the Torture Boys   

         Hi!   Fine, young surfers.   Welcome to the Official Site fo the group simply known as the Torture boys.  We hope you do enjoy your stay as much as we enjoyed making this site  for  you  *laugh  out load*.   So watcha thinking, that this site promotes hazing, torturing, blackmailing and other stuff   like that??  Hey no way!  Actually today were known as Nice Boys, we do good deeds all the time, we have respect for other people *especially gorgeous babes*, and we always have a good time.  Neat huh? We just got used to calling ourselves torture boys that we retained the name. Hey it still sounds cool enough.. and were still young.. You don't believe us.. go to the pictures section for eye popping pix.  In da  mean time.. Relax see a movie or better yet.. check out our site it's cool with a capital C.O.O.L. as high as the empire state building.


          Actaully, di namin alam kung bakit kami nag iinglish pa eh.. haha... at least para may mabasa naman yung mga Am-Boys at Am-Girls na bumibisita dito... kitakits.. halina at ipagpatuloy ang ligaya.

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Last Modified on   09/19/97
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