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    Extra Pictures For Da Fans
        Hi! Fans.  Below is a collage of several pics I have collected over the years.  Here you  will   see   the torture boys in action and in deed.  Note though that were only using a hand held scanner, so some images may be distorted.  Just keep in mind that were very cute.. okay?  =)  Have Fun!  Please Note:  There are over 20 eye popping pics here... please wait for the slow downloading time... corny server namin eh!

                                                                                                                            - MasterNoel



    Ross and Bong when they were still "innocent"

                    Playing "Strip Poker"
                    They strip the banana when they lose.




    Borgie going over Ross after losing in Basketball.

        The gang preparing to go to a party.  Ross 
        feeling cute.


    L to R:  Reggie, Noel, BonBon, Ross, Joseph
                and Ludo.


            "Little Ross" and "Little Bong" on a field 
            trip with "Little Jon and Popie."


         Old Organ Classmates with Luchie and Al.

     Birthday ng Sister ni John.  The torture boys are
     entertaining the crown para maka kain.


       The torture boys ready to drink and be merry.
      Joke lang, actually, were  only  modelling  the 


        A rare shot of our cousins:  DJ from states,
        Christine and April from somewhere and
        Pot Pot a.k.a. Hyperkid from U.P.


    A New Year shot after playing darts.


   John, Ross, Bong, and Noel making "pa-cute" 
   in front of the camera


    Picture of the group with Ronald at Noel's


   This is Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park in
    the Philippines.

   This the group's favorite part in Enchanted
    Kingdom - The Comfort Room (Banyo)


   Poetic Justice - It's Ross turn to go over borgie


                           Face of the Year '97
                         Ross looking like Ogag.

   After the party, the group waits at the hotel's lobby
   waitning for chicks.



              Organ Teacher:  Mr. Toto Miranda

      On the same party: Here is Noel on Drums.


      Young torture boys with best friend "Louie".

      Dudong.  Nag sesenti
      Ross and Bong. Kups pa rin.



              Ganito kami mag-away.
               ( This is how we fight )


                            Noel and Ross, Welcoming the New year with some fireworks.

                                                                   - The End -

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