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   A y l a 

    Level    ** 
    HP       999/999        MP         99/99 
    Attack  255               Defense  238 

    Bronze Fist               Pwr        **           Spd       ** 
    Prism Helm               Hit          80           Evd       90 
    Prism Dress              Mag        33           Stam     ** 
    Gold Stud                 M. Def.                              ** 

    Exp                                                        1,782,689 
    Next                                                                     0 

          Ayla is the perfect example of beauty and brawns mized together.  She 
    is the strongest fighter in the game even by  using  only  her  hands.   She  is 
    considered the goddess of war at level 96+ and has the  ability  to  perform 
    superior martial arts moves especially the very lethal triple kick*ouch*. She 
    like strong guys who like to fight and also has  the  ability  to  control  some 

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