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   M a g u s 

    Level    ** 
    HP       999/999        MP         99/99 
    Attack  220               Defense  225 

    Doom Sickle            Pwr        **           Spd       ** 
    Gloom Helm             Hit          88           Evd       74 
    Gloom Cape             Mag       **           Stam     ** 
    Gold Stud                 M. Def.                              ** 

    Exp                                                        1,791435 
    Next                                                                     0 

          Magus is a true master of shadow magic.   He  is  best  magic  weilding 
    character in the game and is great at hand  to  hand  combat  too.   Though 
    evil in some ways, This arch villain  will  be  an  asset  to  the  party  if  you 
    decide not to fight him in the dark ages. 

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