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                                                                           American Squaresoft


             Hi! MasterNoel here.  Welcome to my CronoTrigger Kingdom.  All the stuff contained wherein

is all about the great RPG game CronoTrigger by SquareSoft.  I just had barely enough time to put  up

this page so please bear with me for the moment.  I want to thank SquareSoft for making a great game

such as this.  It has kept me up for countless nights (haha what a geek!!... not).   Hey try the  game  if

you have not played with it.  Excellent is the word that I would use to describe it.   Cool  huh?  Below

are descriptions of what this site has to offer.  Enjoy!

About this Page - You're already reading it bud.

The Characters - All CronoTrigger main characters are here.  With their corresponding pics, stats and even midi  sound.
                                I would just like to point out that my character stats are for real.  I'm a hardworking baby boy.  What
                                can I say.. =)

CronoTrigger Facts  - Some cool facts about CronoTrigger which even contains walkthoughs and quotes on the game.

Other CronoTrigger Sites  - Links to other CronoTrigger sites. tough guy

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Web Page Created:  07/26/97
Last Modified        :  07/26/97
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