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   M a r l e 

    Level    ** 
    HP       999/999        MP         99/99 
    Attack  144               Defense  211 

    Valkerye                   Pwr        31           Spd       ** 
    Safe Helm                 Hit          37           Evd       41 
    Prism Dress              Mag        **           Stam     74 
    Gold Stud                 M. Def.                              ** 

    Exp                                                        1,868,524 
    Next                                                                     0 

         Marle, a cute princess in disguise and a natural lover of adventure.  Very 
    deadly with her  crossbows  and  proficient  with  magic,  especially  healing 
    spells.  Secretly likes Crono and very emotional by nature.  Teams  up  with 
    Lucca to unleash the very powerful antipode spells. 

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