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   L u c c a 

    Level    ** 
    HP       999/999        MP         99/99 
    Attack  199               Defense  223 

    Wonder Shot            Pwr        29           Spd       ** 
    Prism Helm               Hit          49           Evd       38 
    Prism Dress              Mag        **           Stam     84 
    Gold Stud                 M. Def.                              ** 

    Exp                                                        1,779,936 
    Next                                                                     0 

          Lucca is seemingly the brightest girl, I mean person on the team.  From 
   Prehistoric weapons to futuristic robots and arcane objects, this girl not only 
    knows information about them but uses  these  items  to  their  full  potential 
    She is second best in the field of magic.  The power of her Flare  and  other 
    fire spells will make the enemy stop and think for a while before messing up 
    with her or any of her friends. 

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